Attention to all business owners and marketing managers

Finally, you can build brand and increase sales with Celebrities + Digital, without burning a huge budget

Attention to all business owners and marketing managers

Finally, you can build brand and increase sales with Celebrities + Digital, without burning a huge budget

Attention to all business owners and marketing managers

Finally, you can build brand and increase sales with Celebrities + Digital, without burning a huge budget

Apart from hiring a truckload of salespeople or offering a 90% discount of your product/service, what else can you do that will quickly accelerate the growth of your business?

All of us know that very few initiatives can bring as much impact to your business as creating a strong brand.

OSIM, Breadtalk, Jean Yip are local companies that stood out from the competition with a strong brand.

The question is; how can you build a strong brand quickly (without waiting for decades)?

Well, one of the best ways is to leverage the eminence of celebrities, especially well known celebrities.

 Think it is beyond your financial means? Think again. 

Until now, celebrities endorsement is an activity limited to the mega SMEs or MNCs such as OSIM. It is no wonder these companies become bigger and bigger as the day goes by.

With the advent of internet, things have changed.

Announcing: Go Digital with Celebrities, the only digital marketing initiative that dramatically grows your business without burning a big hole in your pocket

Why so?


Celebrities can do now micro-endorsements on social media platforms without you having to pay for crazy year-long licensing fee.  Furthermore, cost of distribution of your ads on Internet is considerably lower than that of traditional media, allowing you to associate your brand with celebrities with budget as low as $5k.

Branding + Sales (really)

Before the internet, there was no way we could attribute sales to an ad campaign directly, and tracking ROI is at best a guesswork. Thanks to the rise of Google and Facebook, the technique of “direct response marketing” has taken off. This means getting tangible instead of theoretical sales. This means spending $100 and earning $200 or more, allowing marketing investment to essentially pay for itself.

You can see why the game has changed for SMEs, can you not?

Why Digital + Celebrities is the best thing you have ever seen

Internet loves video

It is no secret that Facebook prioritizes video in its algorithm, allowing you to reach up to 50% more people at lower costs than other advertisers. While your competitors are still using image ads shouting discounts & offers on Facebook, think about what a video ad with celebrity can do for your brand? Not to mention the potentially viral effect of such an ad, allowing you to reach your customers at unprecedentedly low prices.


With internet raging with skepticism and distrust because of all the scams going around, brands are wondering what they can do to build trust with their target audience. Guess what; did you know celebrities are among the most trustworthy people in Singapore? In a Today report, Gurmit Singh was voted one of the top 10 most trustworthy person locally, along with Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong and Prof Tommy Koh.

You may or may not have already realized the potential of such an untapped opportunity in the marketing space.

Why The celeb net?

Huge range of celebrities

We have the direct access to most of Singapore and many overseas celebrities. We ensure you a competitive rate to engage a celebrity though us.

Vast experience

Our value-add goes beyond matching you with a celebrity. We advise on a suitable celebrity based on your product type, budget and goals.

Digital Expertise

We are the only specialized digital+celebrities agency. We have launched more a hundred digital campaigns and can advise you on the best strategy for maximizing the celebrities effect.

our services


marketing strategy

Direct response sales campaign

youtube advertising


video production

facebook advertising

Video landing page creation

who we are?

The Celeb Net is founded by Kevin Zhang who was the head of commercial engagement of Mediacorp and the head of talent development & management of MM2 Entertainment. He saw the potential of synergizing digital and celebrities in 2017 and went on to set up the agency heralding the new era, The Celeb Net


Does celebrity endorsement really work?

Will digital campaign work better than TV campaign?

Will a Celebrities + Digital campaign be suitable for my company?

What digital strategy would you recommend for me?

Explore the opportunity now

Sign up for a complimentary strategy session(worth $198) with our highly experienced celebrities marketing strategist from The Celeb Net. Let us share with you:

  • Market perception of each celebrity and whether it aligns with your brand image
  • Cost-benefits analysis on each celebrity
  • How to grow the sales of your company directly through the campaign
  • Celebrities + digital channel combination that can create synergy for your brand

Disclaimer: Once a company engages a particular celebrity, he or she can no longer advertise for the clien​​​​​t’s competitor. First mover’s advantage is key. Enquire now before it is too late.